Made in Germany



The Eldomat combines traditional german craftsmanship and high-tech engineering.


  • The Eldomat is the preferred lock of builders AND renovators.
  • The Eldomat components provide state of the art security for both individual doors in single houses as well as a complete and electronically managed locking system for entire buildings.
  • The Eldomat can be opened and locked mechanically with classical keys or be operated with a keyless electronic system.     
  • The precison mechanics, the well designed mechanical security and the exceptional toughness of the Eldomat guarantee state-of-the-art security.
  • The vast majority of locks are built to resist attacks of a nominal 3000 Newton. The Eldomat resists attacks of 10000 N.
  • Both the mechanical lock as well as the electronic locking system resist (multiple) attacks of 10.000 N.
  • The Eldomat is a automatic lock: it locks itself with or without a cylinder, with or without electrical currrent.
  • The Eldomat was designed and is produced by Eldomat GmbH.

  • The lock holds 5 national and international registered patents which are for sale.


The Eldomat locks on five different points.


The five locking points are:



1 - the trojan snapper

2 - the dragon's claw

3 - the heart bolt

4 - the phoenix slider

5 - the serpent slider


Single action unlocking


When needed the Eldomat can be unlocked through its emergency mechanism: 

one simple push on the the door handle,

on the inside of the door, unlocks all five locking points, simultaneously and immediately.

This mechanism can be turned off.

The Eldomat is a mechanical lock with an electrical control unit and a computer interface

The Eldomat consists

of a mechanical and

an electric component.


This is the electrical component

and the interface to any buzzer

or computer controled locking system

This is the mechanical lock.

It operates without a cylinder when

the Eldomat is integrated in a 

computer locking system or attached

to a buzzer


You decide who has acces and when

The Eldomat opens and closes the locks with either a classical metal key or a transponder ( keycard).

This  user-friendly electronic key is protected against copying, very easy to program and simple to replace in case of loss.

Any key-renewal automatically makes the lost keycard useless

The Eldomat is a mechanical lock with an electrical control unit. The Eldomat electrical unit can be integrated in any existing computer controlled locking system. It also has been constructed to accept signals from newly designed or self-built systems.

The Eldomate is a universal lock.

The Eldomat is a locking system which fits any door, and intergrates flawlessly into the resident and visitor manangement requirements of single houses, rental buildings, offices, renovated , historical or newly constructed buildings.


The trojan snapper

One lock for both modern and historical constructions
The team

Eberhard Bartholdi, Engineer

Dieter Mutz, Entrepreneur

Andreas Hoff, Mechanical Engineer

Heinz Hoch, Mechanical Engineer

The men who engineered the Eldomat



Four men, with a total of  200 years of experience in engineering locks.

 You are safe.


Four reputable experts, who bundeled their experience to develop the perfect locking system: the Eldomat


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The Eldomat, a new and very sophisticated door lock


Eldomat with a cylinder


The Eldomat can be installed as a fully mechanical lock with classical keys.

The team

The Eldomat is the only lock on the market which always locks itself.

It does so with or without locking cylinder, with or without an electric current.